Taylor Neumann is a filmmaker currently based in Denver, Colorado. She graduated in May 2021 with a BFA in Film and Television from the University of Colorado Denver. Her focus is in audio and directing, thought she dabbles in other areas as well. 

Recently she directed an art documentary titled "Who Are We?" The documentary follows three professional artists as they complete a self portrait and explore how art shapes not only the world but themselves. The film is in its festival run and has currently been accepted into two festivals: Horsetooth International Film Festival and The New York Independant Cinema Awards. 


She also recently worked on a team split between England, India, and the United States to complete post audio for the documentary "Maa", which looks at the themes of Motherhood within Indian culture, faith, lonliness and the effects of the COVID Pandemic. "Maa" is currently in its festival run. 

Other notable past works include producing a short documentary titled "Sacred Wolves" in 2020. The film follows the cross-fostering and the reintroduction of Mexican Grey Wolves in New Mexico. Along with in 2019 travelling to Mumbai, India with a group of students to film an LGBT+ short titled "Not Pictured". For the film she recorded location audio in the bustling city and did all post audio. "Not Pictured" was recognized by numerous festivals within India and the US.